Safe Action's Ed and Equipment prides itself on its customer service, paired with quality products and training at amazing prices!  Our friendly and professional staff have the knowledge and desire to ensure all of your firearms and training needs are not just met but exceeded!


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    Trinity Tactical USA is the areas premier Firearms Center & Training Facility.


    TrinTac USA was initially established to provide exemplary training to operators that must perform in a world that requires them to exceed normal expectations in the line of duty. Our training staff is composed of exceptional prior military personnel who are experts in their fields of instruction. Integrating the classroom, hands on training and the instructor’s experience, TrinTac USA provides a level of training which is unable to be paralleled.


     TrinTac USA also recognizes the safety and security needs of the private sector and as such has established a multitude of training events which will provide realistic self-defense options to raise awareness and personal safety in the community as well as in corporate world.


     From beginners to advanced operators, TrinTac USA has the skill, ability, and desire to escalate your training to levels you may have once thought to be unobtainable! TrinTac USA is where training meets reality.


     To coincide with our vast array of training options Trinity Tactical USA has established a premier firearms center. The firearms center provides a vast array of firearms and ammunition to complement our training division.  The Firearms center is open 7 days a week to meet all your firearms needs. 


     In creating an all inclusive atmosphere, TrinTac USA is committed to providing superior training and products, with emphasis on quality and an unrivaled overall experience for our clients.


     We look forward to working with you in the near future!